Beer Selections

    • Light

    • Meridian Kölsch

      Meridian Kölsch

      Kölsch • 5.0% ABV • 25 IBU

      Fruity and soft, with mild bitterness

    • Hop-Forward

    • Rhino Chasers

      Rhino Chasers

      Bohemian-style Pilsner • 5.6% ABV • 45 IBU

      Grassy and floral, with moderate bitterness

    • Face Plant

      Face Plant

      American India Pale Ale • 6.2% ABV • 65 IBU

      Malty, citrusy and resinous, with moderate bitterness

    • New River

      New River

      Pale Ale • 5.4% ABV • 34 IBU

      Refreshing and citrusy pale ale with a pleasant bitterness

    • Yeast-Driven

    • Final Glide

      Final Glide

      Hefeweizen • 5.4% ABV • 14 IBU

      Unfiltered, refreshing Bavarian–Style wheat beer

    • Flanders Red

      Flanders Red

      Red Wine Barrel-aged Sour Ale • 5.9% ABV • 10 IBU
      Red to brown in color, this sour beer is moderate in lactic acidity, with a touch of acetic acid, and notes of both green and candied apple.
    • Exesus Sanctum

      Exesus Sanctum

      Sour Peach Beer • 6.0% ABV
       Mouth puckering and sour, this beer is our first true sour ale. Belgian blonde was refermented with our in-house cocktail of wild yeasts and bacteria for 6-12 months in American Oak barrels. A small addition of fresh peaches was added 3 months before the end of fermentation. Juicy, refreshing and intense.
    • Seasonals

    • Dark Hours

      Dark Hours

      Imperial Stout • 10.7% ABV 

      Bourbon-barrel aged stout with intense oakiness, plum notes and a lingering, bitter chocolate finish

    • Woody Stout

      Woody Stout

      Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout • 6.8% ABV •  30 IBU

      A smokey aroma compliments the balanced flavors of coffee, bourbon, vanilla, caramel, and dark chocolate

    • Icebreaker


      Imperial IPA • 10% ABV • 100 IBU

      Citrus with a medium bitterness, balanced by a sweet juicy profile.

    • Winter Warrior

      Winter Warrior

      Winter Warmer • 9.5% ABV • 30 IBU

      Complex and malt-forward with subtle spice notes including: cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Fermented with a blend of Belgian yeasts.

    • Shooter McMunn's

      Shooter McMunn's

      Irish Stout  •  4% ABV

      A smooth and roasty classic Irish Stout, finishing in a subtle dark chocolate bitterness.

    • Gluten Free

    • Hop Cider • Potter's Craft Cider

      8.5% ABV • IBU 0

      Tropical fruit notes complemented by the juicy citrus hop character. This mouthwatering cider appeals to craft beer and cider drinkers alike.

    • Guest Taps

    • Rotating Selection

      Ask your bartender or server for our latest guest tap options!

    • Beer to Go

    • Dark Hours Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

      Dark Hours Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

      500 mL bottle

    • Stublendious


      500 mL bottle

    • Flanders Red

      Flanders Red

      500 mL bottle

    • Exesus Sanctum Peach Sour

      Exesus Sanctum Peach Sour

      500 mL bottle

    • Face Plant

      Face Plant

      6 pack of 12 oz. cans

    • Rhino Chasers

      Rhino Chasers

      6 pack of 12 oz. cans