Great Beer Great Food

What makes great beer even better?  Great food!  Our Chef, Josh, has been hard at work the last few weeks making sure we had some of the best food in Ashburn to go along with the best beer.

The finishing touches have been put on the seared ahi tuna tacos, slow roasted carnitas, and the Tmavy marinated hangar steak. He has also been refining some of the staples from the Tasting Room like the nachos and the Bavarian Pretzel.  The menu wouldn’t have been complete without them. He has been traveling the area to find local produce, all natural free roam chicken, and fresh seafood.  The fresh, ingredients are really putting the food over the top.  Can’t wait for everyone to try the menu!

Chef Josh

Chef Josh with Carnitas and Seared Tuna Tacos


Hanger Steak

Tmavy Marinated Hangar Steak

The Retreat is just about ready as well.  The draft system has been tested and the Liquor License has been issued so that means beer is on the way!  The pallet wall is complete, art work is being created (the chalk work is pretty impressive), and the final mill work is underway.  We also received the first delivery of what looks to be a very extensive collection of beer bottles that Matt has been amassing for over 20 years.  Interesting rarities, discontinued beers, one offs, and bottles from companies that have long ago ceased production.  Should be a very nice addition to our front cabinets, although I’m starting to wonder if we’ll have room for the whole collection! Hey, did you know that J.R. Ewing (yes, that J.R. Ewing) had his own beer?!  Well he did and it’s part of Matt’s collection.

Dave and Matt enjoying the nearly complete bar room.

Dave and Matt enjoying the nearly complete bar room


Pallet wall in the dining room.

Pallet wall in the dining room

Hiring is still underway and we are looking for great people.  Cooks, in particular.  So if you know anyone who would like to work in a large, clean, well organized, high tech kitchen with a great Chef, send them our way.  All experience levels will be considered.  Smiling faces for our dining room and bar as well!

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we continue this journey.  We appreciate the enthusiasm we hear everyday from folks who are excited we’re coming to the Town Center.  Trust us,no one is more eager than we are to see the patio full, hear the music, and enjoy outstanding craft beer and food than we are.  If you see us working at the Retreat, don’t hesitate to say “Hi” and we’ll even show you around!



  1. Mike says:

    Fire your designer immediately. You actually spent a lot of money making a really nice and expensive interior look ugly and lowbrow? It looks like a small step above a middle school cafetorium. Your food and beer better be extraordinary or you guys will go the way of the previous endeavors in quick fashion. People will not be coming and staying for the atmosphere.

    1. Thanks for the input Mike. We hope to create the look and feel of our original tasting room with our new location. We know it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but it was important to us to stay true to ourselves and continue what has worked so well for us. We hope you’ll come by and check it out anyway and if the interior doesn’t do it for you we have a great patio space as well. Cheers!

    2. Randy says:

      The interior is OUTSTANDING. A great job giving a brewery feel to a brewpub. Way too many restaurants and brewpubs in this area that are all style and no substance. This area is begging for casual done well!! They will be lined out the door, no room for Mike and everyone better for it.

    3. Bill says:

      Mike- I take it you haven’t been to the original location because their food and beer are indeed extraordinary. We will come (often) and we will stay (probably too long)!

      I can’t wait until opening day!

    4. Sean C says:

      The interior looks nice from the pics I’ve seen, but the patio looks really awesome! Plenty of tables, shade and seating. Even a bunch of chairs made out of snow skis! Too cool. It was packed during the Brew Fest.

  2. Kim says:

    I love the look of it…looks like a great place for fun crowds! I’m tired of boring Ashburn restaurant decor. We finally have something different in the town center and I know our neighbors are all looking forward to it! Kudos to you for doing something different.

  3. Brian says:

    Mike sounds like a donk, great work Dave, Chris, and all the others involved to keep this place true to Lost Rhino. Can’t wait to come check out the finished product as soon as it opens. Have a good one!

  4. Aaron says:

    Congrats Guys! Can’t wait for the opening. One question…Will you be filling growlers at the Retreat?

    1. Yes, we will be filling growlers!

  5. Jason says:

    i don’t care about the interior. Your beer is great and I’m looking forward to trying the new food. I like the local produce and meats but would also like some man cave food. Delicious fries and chicken wings! Keep brewing fresh Ashburn beer. Glad you guys are local!

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