We’re getting close

It’s starting to look a lot like Spring at the Lost Rhino Retreat in Brambleton! The past two weeks have been busy. We finished the renovation on our two patios, the beer towers have been installed, and our tables have been placed in the dining room. We are getting close and we couldn’t be more excited.

It's starting to look like Spring in Brambleton!

It’s starting to look like Spring in Brambleton!

Sketching a plan for the tables.

Sketching a plan for the tables.

Our Chef, Josh, is hard at work sourcing local ingredients and finalizing the recipes in our new kitchen. He’s a San Diego native now living in NOVA and we feel that he really gets what we are creating at the Retreat. We’ve spent a lot of time this week organizing, ordering product, and eating tacos!

Playing around with food

The decor is really coming along as well. Matt wheeled and dealed for some furniture and even made a trip to someone’s basement in DC to pick it up. Never a dull moment with us! The pallet wall is almost complete and the main chalk board has, well, chalk on it! Waiting for our vintage concert posters to come in and we’ll be set.


Beer maker and master of all things pallet

Most importantly, we’ve hired some great people! We can’t wait to see them in action behind the bar, in the kitchen, and out in the dining room. That doesn’t mean we’re done though. And if you’re reading this and thinking ” that sounds like the kinda place I’d like to work!” Feel free to fill out an application at lostrhino.com.

Check back for updates and we hope to see you in just a few weeks!


  1. John Carney says:

    Cannot wait till you can get this baby open! Any chance you add a GlutenFree beer? If you don’t brew one can you add Ommission?

    Looking forward to many days/nights at the Retreat.

    1. No plans on brewing a gluten free beer at the moment. Thanks for the tip on Ommission. We’ll look into it for you and we will have some gluten free options on the food menu as well.

  2. Jay says:

    I’m really excited, that location is awesome.
    Would you guys be open by the BrewFest time?

    1. That’s what we’re shooting for. Should have an official announcement next week.

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