Lost Rhino Retreat

At the Lost Rhino Retreat we put the same pride and attention to detail into our food as we do into our award winning beers. We believe that the best ingredients make the best food. Those ingredients can be sourced locally and produced by American farmers and fishermen.

We proudly partner with local Loudoun sources, such as Buchanan Farms, for a variety of organic meats. Smucker’s Farms provides fresh cheeses and Ashburn’s own Eridani Crops for hyper-local produce. We are also committed to using domestic shrimp and organic mussels whenever available. Local sourcing is not the easiest, or cheapest way to get food to your table, but we do believe it is the best way! Thanks for choosing to join us, on our adventure!


Beers currently on tap

    • Light / Mild

    • Zlaty Rhino • Bohemian-style Pilsner

      ABV: 5.2%  •  IBU: 40  •  SRM: 4

      Bready and clean, with a soft fruitiness

    • Meridian Kölsch • Kölsch

      5% ABV • 25 IBU

      Fruity and soft, with mild bitterness

    • Hop-Forward

    • Rhino Chasers • Bohemian-style Pilsner

      5.6% ABV • 45 IBU

      Grassy and floral, with moderate bitterness

    • Face Plant • American India Pale Ale

      6.2% ABV • 65 IBU

      Malty, citrusy and resinous, with moderate bitterness

    • New River • American Pale Ale

      5.4% ABV • 34 IBU

      Citrusy and balanced with a pleasant bitterness

    • Dawn Patrol • Session India Pale Ale

      3.8% ABV • 45 IBU

      Session IPA, refreshing, intense tropical aroma

    • M.I.G.

      ABV:6.1% •  IBU: 73 •  SRM: 11

      Our rye IPA is awash in nectar-like papaya and mango flavors with a resinous, bitter finish

    • Yeast-Driven

    • Final Glide • Hefeweizen

      5.4% ABV • 14 IBU

      Unfiltered, refreshing Bavarian–Style wheat beer

    • Dark

    • Tmavý • Dark Czech Lager

      6.2% ABV • 32 IBU

      Smooth and roasty, with a rich toffee finish

    • Milk Stout • Milk Stout

      5.2% ABV • 21 IBU

      Silky and full–bodied, notes of coffee and cocoa